The Sapphire Coast Anglican College Parents and Friends Committee is an active and welcoming group where parents can be involved in College life, meet with other parents and help raise money for extras that assist our children.

The P&F meets monthly to discuss events, plan fundraisers to assist the College and fellowship with other parents. Some of their fundraising events include BBQs at school, selling cakes at sporting functions, parent potluck dinners, and chocolate and flower bulb drives. All the fundraising goes towards projects that will help make an improvement to our school and, therefore, benefit everyone in our school community.

Here are just a few of many P&F projects that have helped to improve our school:
• New window coverings were installed in the library to minimise heat gain and glare in an area that is frequently used by teachers and students.
• A new reading program was purchased and is now in use in the Junior School.
• To encourage a sense of pride and belonging in our athletic students, the P&F designed (in conjunction with staff) and donated money toward sports representative shirts and new sports team shirt sets.
• Three new customised first aid kits were purchased for excursions and camps.

We are more than happy when new families want to become involved in our P&F; you will always receive a very warm welcome. Our meetings are normally held the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm, with the exception of school holidays. The College newsletter and/or email is the place to find out if this has changed.

We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming P&F meetings. Please feel free to contact us on 6494 7777 (SCAC Reception) or call me direct if you would like to know more.

Julie Gear
0429 160 306
Chairperson, Parents and Friends Committee